fredag 28 april 2017

Movie night

Friday night and I have no particular plans at all. The time of being a party girl is long gone and my preferred evening alone is spent on the couch either writing, reading or watching a movie. Tonight I think I just might do all of those things! I just finished a movie (Underworld, 2016) which I liked a lot, and now I'm thinking I'll go to bed dating my Kindle.
It's just that I then have to move! Pull myself off the couch and find my way to bed, and I'm just so comfy here! 😝

Laters babes!

Over and out 

torsdag 27 april 2017

Balcony greens

We are closing in on our first summer in the apartment. In September it's been a year since we sold our house and moved into an apartment in the city. I'm not at all a garden-person, so I never spent much time with growing things or other gardening stuff. I had some pots with flowers, and some herbs in the back of the garden, so I guess it won't be much difference really having just the balconies to use, except for the fact that we don't have to spend hours each week to cut the grass with our lawnmower. 😆

We have two balconies, one facing south and one facing north. So I'm thinking I'll have my herbs on the small one (south side), and maybe one olive tree and a lemon tree too. And maybe some tomatoes. But, not being really interested in flowers and such, I have no clue what to place on the other one (north). We don't ever get sunshine on that one, so it needs to be flowers liking shade. Suggestions anyone? Mummy? Preferably something that doesn't mind me forgetting to water them now and then. 😝
I'm not at all fond of geraniums (pictured), but mini me loves flowers and even more so pink flowers, so I found myself caving in when she asked to have it. And she's promised to take care of it by herself (yeah, right!). 

I love herbs, and today I bought basil, cilantro (love, love, love that), mint and rosemary. They didn't have any thyme so I'll buy that some other day, together with the olive- and lemon trees. 👌🏻

One of mini mes friends threw up over the dining table at kindergarten today so I'm really anxious that we'll be spending the weekend sick with the stomach flu. Fingers crossed the children at kindergarten didn't caught it and of course we wish a speedy recovery for the poor little one being sick. Stomach flu is the worst! 😟

Now I'm off to bed for a read!

Laters babes!

Over and out 

onsdag 26 april 2017

Most important meal of the day

Change of plans! Woke up to a feverish mini me and as my husband had already left for works I had to stay home with her today instead of going to a leadership conference that I was to attend today and tomorrow. Her fever was gone by lunch and she's been feeling better and better, so I'm taking her to kindergarten again tomorrow. 

As many of you know I don't eat gluten anymore. In October it's been two years since I ate it last, and I feel so much better although I still have periods when me and my tummy disagrees about what I can and cannot eat! This morning I had a bowl of vanilla yogurt quark (I'm not totally sure that is what you call it English?) which is high in protein. And I enjoyed it with fresh strawberries, sunflower seeds and coconut shreds.
The perfect breakfast! I just wished it was Swedish strawberries and not Spanish because they taste so much more. But I'm not complaining (well maybe a bit), it was really delicious! 
For me breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I know there'll be a lot of people protesting now, but to me it is. Unfortunately I'm kind of bad at eating breakfast because I'd rather sleep ten minutes longer than going up eating breaky(on weekdays). 😆
But this bowl of goodness doesn't take a lot of time to prepare so maybe I'll be better at eating a healthy breakfast from now on. 👌🏻

Now I'm off to bed! My husband leaves for a five day trip to England tomorrow morning so me and mini me will have to due without him. We'll be visiting my sister over the holiday so we won't be totally alone though. And we have a lot of plans, including different playgrounds and a cinema visit. 👌🏻

Over and out 

tisdag 25 april 2017

Working late

This week is just crazy when it comes to my workload. Too much to do and not enough time. I just turned of the computer, after a 12 hour work day, and I still didn't have time to finish off everything I had planned. It's a good thing I love my job so that these occasional high workload periods doesn't bring me down. It's actually almost always the complete opposite. 
Besides, Monday next week is a national holiday in Sweden so I'll have a lot of time to refill my batteries for next week, having three days off of work! 👌🏻

Last night I think I might have broken some kind of world record in the numbers of nightmares you can dream in one night! I can't even tell you how many times I woke up scared out of my senses, and as soon as I fell back asleep a new nightmare started. Someone really wanted me dead, that's for sure! I kept running and trying to find places to hide. New killers and new environments in every nightmare. So strange. And yes, I woke up feeling exhausted and in need of more sleep! 😆
I'm thinking I should write down all the stories of those nightmares when I still can remember all the details clearly. I might be able to use them in my writing! 😜

Writing inspirations or not, I hope I have a nightmare free sleep tonight! I need to be on my toes tomorrow! 

Laters babes!

Over and out 

måndag 24 april 2017

Core workout

Today I went to the gym on my lunch hour. Accompanied by my colleague and former (still, if you asked me) fitness guru. My legs were still a bit sore from leg day on Saturday so today we concentrated on my core after warming up with a run on the treadmill. I'm not at all fond of core workouts. It's my absolute weakness, and my body is literally voicing the need for rest after just a few repetitions. The good thing about being accompanied by your personal PT is that you can't listen to your body's tries to make you stop. 😜 She just forces me to go on and do the work! 💪🏻
So today when I left the gym it wasn't these two that were tired, it was my lower back and tummy! So tired I felt like throwing up (but I didn't)!

I'm not sure when I'll be able to go to the gym next this week, but hopefully I'll make it on Wednesday night. 
If anyone of you readers have any great exercises for the core, send them my way! 

Laters babes!

Over and out 

söndag 23 april 2017

Memories from the past

"The path ahead of me is covered in dried up leaves and they tickle under my bare feet as I hurry up my steps. The summer has been dry so far but the air is heavy, filled with building pressure. I prolong my steps, eager to get there, to feel safe. The branches from the surrounding brushwood is tearing at my bare arms as I start the climb up the hill. It doesnt take long before I see the old cabin with part of its roof caved in. Broken. It's dangerous to be here, in more ways then one.  So close to the house and so far away from everyone else,  but still I venture on. I need to be close, to feel safe. 

My heart is beating fast in my chest and I'm breathing hard as I reach the top. I can feel sweat drip down my spine and I try to breath normally again as I slow down my pace. I can already smell the magnolias, growing wild in front of the window where the kitchen used to be. I know because I've entered it although knowing the risk. It's empty now. Not even the old cast iron stove is left. Gone. The house is just like me, empty and broken. I don't enter although it calls for me, to be filled with life and meaning again, instead I pick some of the magnolias as I pass them and walk around to the back of the house. I walk to the the rim of the rock just behind the back porch. The view is part of why I love this place. The open sky and the never ending fields of barley and oats that almost reach the sea at the horizon. I never tire of watching the wind caressing the fields, making them move in flowing waves of yellow. The old oak tree stands firm in the middle of it all and as always I wish I could go there, to climb it's old branches and envy the beauty of its unknown history up close. But there's no road, no path, no simple way to reach it. I've tried, but somehow nature's keeping me away by setting impenetrable obstacles in my way. Instead I watch it from afar, as if it's somehow a part of me I can't live without.

I take a few steps back and slide down against the rough wall of the house when my shoulders touches the timber. It tears my bare skin but I don't care. Just as I feel the ground on the back of my thighs the sky lits up by lightning and the thunder rumbles high above my head. The sudden sound scares me and makes my entire body shiver with fear. The power of nature is fierce and makes me aware of my littleness on this earth. I can feel it coming, the rain. The air is moist and the wind is rougher than before, tearing at my shirt and cooling my skin. I hug my legs tight to my chest and rest my head on my knees. I am here to seek comfort and shelter. In this place. No rain or thunder will keep me from it. I close my eyes and try to let go of my fears. 

The rain starts to trail down my face and mix with my tears. The smell of the magnolias soothes me and I can feel my tensions let go. I know I don't have much time, so I open my eyes. I know I am alone. The familiar sounds of the surroundings tells me so. The rain has stopped and as the heavy drops lingering in the trees makes there way over the leaves and falling to the ground I hear the blackbird sing, making my heart smile. No one knows of this place. Or they might, but they don't know it's mine. Where I go to hide from them and the world. They wouldn't look for me here. This is where I come to gather strength. To bury my fears. To let go of pain. I draw strength from the house and from this place that once were a place of happiness and family. All the signs of it still lingers on. Small signs of evidence that fills my heart with hope. I'm too young to loose sight of it. To question life. And I fight hard to still be me, to be that child you see. Innocent and without being burdened by dark secrets.

To be continued..."

I've been thinking for a long time that I should tell you this story, so tonight I've started it. I once had a secret place where I could hide from the world. Now it rests within me.
Laters babes!

Over and out 

lördag 22 april 2017

Saturday fun

I started off my Saturday with a run on the treadmill at the gym before giving my legs a challenge. I know I've said it before but I looove leg day at the gym. It's more fun working out the parts that's already strong, than the weak parts (like my arms, shoulders and back). 😜
Love my workout pants from Stronger Sweden. I have two different pairs and I love them both! 👌🏻
I've used Asics running shoes ever since my career as a soccer player (good old days). They're a great fit for my feet! I know I shouldn't use them when working out in the gym as they're too soft, but I my weights aren't really that heave so I'm not sure it would make any difference. 

Although having played soccer for 15 years I really hate running. I know I've told you this before. But now it's starting to feel really good. Don't get me wrong, it's still boring, but my strength and endurance is improving! 👌🏻

Tomorrow mini me's BFFs coming over for a play date so I won't have time to go to the gym, but I've got an appointment with one of my besties on Monday so I guess tomorrow will be a rest day. Or not, two five years old will have me on my toes all day for sure! 😆

Laters babes!

Over and out

fredag 21 april 2017

One word

Just one word is needed to describe my needs for this particular Friday evening; chocolate
Well, I guess you could ad a second one; "tea", but it has a lot lower priority so it's not as important. 😜
Found this old picture of me earlier today. I'm not sure why I chose to picture only half of my face, but maybe I had something to hide, like a pimple or something! 😆

Now I'm off to enjoy that chocolate of mine! First thing in the morning I'm working it off in the gym! 😬💪🏻 I hope you're enjoying your Friday! 🙏🏻

Laters babes!

Over and out 

torsdag 20 april 2017

Going through old pictures

I've been going through old pictures today, it's "throwback Thursday" after all. I love looking at old pictures and falling back into old memories just as if your reading about them in a book. 

I'm not going to pester you with all the pictures I've been going through (especially not since I don't post pictures of others without asking first), but I'll show you a few! 
This is from February 2009, in Venice. I was there with my best friend C. We've been friends since we were 7 years old, and as we know each other so well it's very simple, safe and fun to travel with her. I loved Venice. A very beautiful and interesting city. I remember we walked a lot and I was super impressed that we managed to find our way in the very complex layout of the city, crossing so many bridges we couldn't keep count! 
But, equipped with good shoes we had no problems with walking all day! 
Just as I did when in Rome, Italy, with my mother and sister 2009. Here at Pantheon.
I've visited Thailand so many times I've almost lost count. This picture is from my second visit to Maya bay, Phi Phi Island, 2010. My first visit was 2009, and it's strange that a year could make such a huge difference in a place. There were so many tourists the second time there that I couldn't take a single picture without getting like a hundred strangers in the shot. Which is super sad because this is truly a gorgeous place and we, the tourists, are destroying it with our visits. The spot was used filming "The beach" with Leonardo di Caprio, but I'm guessing he wouldn't even recognise it if going back now.
This is me in 2010, on Koh Hong island, paying my respect and honouring those lost in the terrible tsunami 2004. 
In 2007 I visited Venezuela and the beautiful waterfalls in Canaima.
The one and only time in life so far that I've walked under a waterfall. Amazing feeling!
From our flight to the national park we flew over Angel Falls, the worlds highest uninterrupted waterfall with a height of 979 meters. Very impressive!

I think I'll stop here. I've traveled a lot and telling you about all those travels would be too much! I'll tell you more another time. But for now I'm off to bed!

Over and out 

onsdag 19 april 2017

Early morning workout

I'm starting to like my early morning workouts! It's great to be among the first in the gym, not having to wait for a free treadmill but instead choosing the exact one you want! 👌🏻
As usual I started off with a run and it felt really great! I actually hate running, and I've always have (even when playing soccer for 15 years), but as it's get easier I find it grows on me. Don't get me wrong, I still think it's boring, but as it gets easier I don't mind it as much as before! 
After the run, I focused on my upper body and more precisely on my arms, shoulders and back. Those are my weak areas so I always feel shaky for hours afterwards. I even have a hard time putting on my make up after showering because my arms are shaking so hard! 😜
Tomorrow I'm taking a day off from training but on Friday I'm back at it, first thing in the morning! 💪🏻

Laters babes!

Over and out